• Construction of Maheshwari Institute of Engineering as per international standards and commencement of its first session.
  • Keeping in mind the educational needs of Jaipur planning to be done for a School in Zone-1.
  • Intend to procure land from the government to set up MPS school in Zone 2
  • Setting up Health & Sports Club for the community youth.
  • Plan to construct Maheshwari Hostel with amenities for maheshwari students.
  • Aim to construct ‘Abhinandan’ at Mansarover and inaugurate the same by 2014.
  • Obtain land in Zone -4 for setting up the community center.
  • Commencing coaching classes for all Professional Courses (IIT, Medical ,C.A, C.S)
  • Setting up Mahesh Diagnostic Center for medical checkups at concessional rates
  • 50% discount to community members for availing the facilities at ‘Utsav’
  • Increase in monthly assistance to widows and to all the economically weak families for Education & Health care.
  • Escalating financial assistance to economical weak sections of the samaj from Rs. 7000/- to Rs.10, 000/- per month, so that more families can avail education & better health care.
  • Maheshwari Monthly Magazine & Quarterly ECMS Magazine “Sopan” should be published online so the Social & Educational Activities of samaj reaches the masses.

1 Response to Manifesto

  1. Since a long time it is being seen many people are commenting on works / activities and try to dusty it where as it has been seen that it’s a very hard try by president and all members of the comity that they are try to give a new innovation to society , So we should help to their work instead of comments. If we will help them ….it will be seen that our society will get progress / Advance and latest technology.

    All is well

    Neeraj Ajmera
    Ex Student Leader
    Commerce College

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